2:30 PM14:30

Office Hours: w/ Michael Brent

Office Hours are an open invitation to intentional and informal dialog with VWVW contributors during a local happy hour. For this session join philosopher Michael Brent to gab about Critical Theory.

Suggested reading

a) The chapter on Traditional and Critical Theory from Max Horkheimer’s Critical Theory *download free pdf here


b) Stephan Bronner’s Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction

purchase digital version on google play

purchase physical book on


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4:00 PM16:00

Office Hours: with Cortney Stell and Adam Gildar

Office Hours: with Adam Gildar and Cortney Lane Stell
Sputnik (3 S. Broadway, Denver)

Office Hours are an open invitation to informal and intentional dialog with VWVW contributors. For this session join Editors Cortney Stell and Adam Gildar to chat all things related to Issue 1 and alternative arts education. 

Suggested reading

WVW Issue 1

Happy Hour specials - $2 PBR and $2 cans of Lost Lake, 
$3 well drinks, $5 wine

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